A Small Dog Harness Helps Control Dogs That Pull On The Leash While Walking!

A small dog harness is a useful item to better control small dogs who pull on the leash while walking. Using a harness stops your small dog from injuring his neck or throat and makes it easier for you to control him.

A harness is particularly beneficial for a small dog breed as they can easily strain their necks causing pain or injury when pulling on the leash during a walk.

Generally a harness is fitted in front of your dog’s chest, behind his front legs with straps across your dog’s back then you attach the leash to the harness which gives the owner more control when walking your dog.

How To Choose A Small Dog Harness

1. Check with your vet to make sure your particular small dog breed is safe to wear a harness as some small breeds should not be wearing one.

2. When purchasing a harness... function and fit are the most important considerations. Measure your dog across the biggest part of his chest with a soft measuring tape to get the proper fit before purchasing a small dog harness.

3. Choose a quality harness so it does not break and your dog breaks free or is able to chew through it. With a quality and sturdy harness you will have it for a long period of time and not have to spend money buying another one soon after. (pay particular attention to sturdiness where the leash attaches to the harness)

4. Choose a harness that is adjustable so you will not need to buy another one if your dog gains or loses weight or is still growing.

5. Make sure to choose a harness that is going to be comfortable for your dog and not rub against him causing rawness. Many harnesses are lined or padded with a soft material such as fleece for added comfort.

6. If you often walk your dog at night then you may want to choose a harness with some reflective material on it for added safety in the dark.

7. You also have the option of choosing a harness that can also be used as a dog seat belt in your vehicle.

Tips and Info

❇ Harnesses used to be made strictly out of leather but now you will find them also made out of other materials such as:  nylon or mesh for the vest or shirt harnesses.

❇ There are many trendy designs to choose from as well as the more basic designs so you can easily choose one to suit your taste.

❇ Never use a small dog harness on a large dog breed as it will not be strong enough to hold a large dog. A large dog harness can also be useful for large dog breeds that also pull on the leash while walking, however, it should be made specifically for a larger breed so it fits comfortably and is strong enough to hold him.

A small dog harness may become one of your most valuable small dog products that you will never want to be without as it makes controlling your dog during a walk much easier and keeps your small sidekick safe and comfortable along the way!

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