Using Puppy Training Pads Is
An Effective Method To
Potty Train A Puppy!

Puppy training pads are absorbent mats that have a scent that attracts puppies and are used for potty training a puppy! The purpose of these pads is to train your pup to go potty in a specific area.

These pads come in a variety of sizes (small,medium,large) to suit the size of your dog and are made with a leak-proof back to prevent leakage onto your floor.

As an added safety precaution against any possible leakage you could place some sort of container such a rubber or plastic boot tray underneath the training pads.

There are a variety of training pads available such as reusable or disposable and they come in a variety of qualities from the cheaper versions to the premium quality pads. A package of training pads will vary in price due to the different types and qualities available. You can purchase these in most dog care products stores or sections in large retail stores that also care dog care products.

Training pads have a definite advantage over using newspapers because they generally don't leak and even if some gets through it will be minimal where as newspapers will be soaked and leak through completely becoming soggy and not much fun to clean up. Another advantage of the puppy training pads is they are generally scented which helps eliminate much of the odor much more than a newspaper would.

It is more expensive to use puppy training pads than newspaper but much more convenient and generally not a lifetime commitment of buying them unless of course you plan for your pup to continue using them permanently (which is sometimes the case for small dog breeds) but most only use them for a short period during the potty training puppy process.

It is important to start potty training puppy as soon as you bring your pup home instead of letting him get into bad habits and then having to correct those habits and train him in a new way. The sooner your start the better!

How To Potty Train A Puppy
Using Puppy Training Pads

1. First watch to see where your new pup wants to go to the bathroom in your house and this is where you should place the puppy training pad to start with. (Puppies need to go to the bathroom usually 10 times or more per day.)

2. Whenever he uses this pad you need to immediately give him tons of praise so he can learn that this is the correct thing to do.

3. You also need to use a word or phrase that your pup can learn to associate with going potty such as simply "Potty" or "Go Potty". The time to use this word is when he is going potty on his training pad so when you say this word or phrase he will come to understand what he needs to do.

4. If he makes a mistake then firmly tell him "No" but do not hit or yell uncontrollably as this only causes your pup to be afraid.

5. Also, if an accident happened some time earlier then there is no point in scolding him at this point because he will not understand. He needs to be told "No" immediately after the accident has occurred for him to understand what he has done wrong.

6. It is also a good idea to set your pup on the training pad after he wakes up in the morning, a short while after he eats and drinks during the day and before he goes to sleep for the night along with anytime he is showing signs of needing to go throughout the day.

7. Continue to keep a close watch on your new pup and if you see him showing signs that he is going to go to the bathroom in the wrong place then quickly move him to the puppy training pad and make sure he doesn't wander off and stays there for a few minutes to go potty. Once he uses it then again, give him lots of praise and affection for a job well done!

8. Once your puppy is consistently using his pad then you can slowly start to move the training pad closer to the outside door.

9. When you have reached the door leading to outside then you can move the pad outdoors (make sure he is aware of where the pad is located) but start with it close to the doorway and again slowly move it further into the yard. You can even choose a particular place in your yard to try train your pup to go to the bathroom each time.

10. When your pup is consistently going to this location on the puppy training pad then you can quit placing the pad there and monitor if this is working. If it ends up that he has some accidents and is not quite ready then you can place the pad there again until you are comfortable that he is completely trained to go to the bathroom outdoors.

Tips & Helpful Information

* When your pup accidentally urinates or worse on the floor then the odor from this will draw them back to the same area next time so it is very important to eliminate the smell completely to prevent another accident from happening there. A solid feces usually doesn't leave much odor but if it stains the carpet/rug then it will leave an odor and along with cleaning will need to be deodorized too.

* Two household items that work well to eliminate unwanted odors are vinegar or baking soda. First clean the area with a mild soap and water then either soak the area with vinegar or sprinkle baking soda on the area once it is dry, leaving it there for quite awhile to absorb the odor then later you can vacuum this baking soda up. If the smell is still there then repeat again with fresh baking soda.

*  Generally a puppy needs to urinate one hour for every month of age. So along with regular scheduled potty breaks such as after they get up in the morning, before bed, and after meals they will need to go periodically throughout the day according to their age and even through the night.

* Puppies will not be able to hold it in all night long until they are older so they will need to have potty breaks throughout the night. So either you will need to get up during the night and put him on his pad (or outside if he has transitioned to outside) or give him a place to urinate during the night on his own such as on a puppy pad which will be in an area near his bed.

* If your pup/dog is kept in a crate for periods of time throughout the day then make sure you train them to go potty as soon as you let them out. Make sure you don't leave them too long especially when they are young pups as they can only hold it for certain amounts of time as mentioned above.

Using puppy training pads for potty training your puppy is much more convenient and sanitary than using newspapers. Also with the proper time and patience from you, your pup will be properly trained in no time!  Potty training a puppy is one of the first and most important steps in owning a puppy so make the effort and do it right the first time!

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