How To Choose Puppy
Collars And A Leash

Puppy collars should be chosen carefully with the right information on hand.  It is important to get your pup comfortable wearing her puppy collar within a couple days of arriving in your home when she is about 8 weeks old.

Your puppy is not going to like her collar at first and will probably scratch at it or shake it and wiggle to try get it off when you first starting putting it on her. 

It is very important to get your pup used to wearing her collar early because you need a collar to attach a leash and dog name tags  (dog ID tag).  It is much easier to train your pup the proper way to begin with than to try to correct bad habits later on.

How To Choose A Puppy Collar

·      A lightweight, nylon puppy collar is one of your best choices for your pup`s first collar.

·      Do not choose a leather collar or one with decorative jewels on it as it will be heavier and therefore more uncomfortable for your pup.

·      This collar should be adjustable as your puppy will be constantly growing and you need the collar to fit properly to be safe and comfortable for your new furry friend.

·      A ``buckle” collar is a standard basic collar with evenly spaced holes which allows you to fasten the collar to the size you need and will allow you to fasten it at different holes as your pup grows.

·      A collar will hold your pup`s identification tags (dog name tags) which is very important to have in case your dog was ever to get lost. (Even if your pup has been micro-chipped, it is important to have your address and/or phone number on a dog name tag attached to your dog`s collar in case someone finds your dog and can then contact you directly on their own. For example, a neighbour who lives a few blocks away.)

How To Train Your Puppy To
Wear A Collar

·      Do not make your puppy wear her new collar for long periods of time.  Start out an hour at a time and gradually increase the time spent wearing the collar.

·      It is important that you do not remove the collar when she is whining or trying to get out of it or she will learn that this behavior works to get it off.  Simply try to distract her with play and once she has forgotten about it then you can take it off once she has worn it for a short while.

How To Choose A Leash

·      It is important for your pup’s first leash NOT to be a “retractable” leash as you need to train your pup to walk properly on a leash and therefore you need control of them with a basic non-retractable  leash.

·      Non-retractable leashes come in different lengths and it would be depend on the size of your dog as to which length you should choose... the bigger the dog, the longer the leash.

How To Train Your Puppy To
Walk On A Leash

·      Your puppy should never walk ahead of you when walking on a leash as this would mean that she is above you in the pack and therefore, the leader.

·      Always make sure to keep your pup beside you or a behind you when you are walking her on a leash.

·      Hold the leash firmly by your side and slightly behind you to let her know where her place is during walks and that you are the pack leader.

·      When you pup starts to pull on her leash you need to stop her and make her wait then try again.  Keep following this routine until she learns that pulling on the leash is not going to get her anywhere.

·      Another leash training technique is to stop and change directions when she starts pulling or running ahead of you while walking.

·      Never let your pup chew on the leash!  Always get it out of her mouth with a firm “No” command.

How to choose a collar and leash for your puppy is quite simple if you follow the above tips on choosing a puppy collar and leash.  Training your puppy to wear a collar and walk on a leash properly also will come quickly with consistency from you when training your pup.  It takes some patience and time but it is well worth the effort to have a properly trained puppy!