Halloween Dog Costumes
Are Very Popular and Fun!!!

Halloween dog costumes have been quickly growing in popularity over the last few years which is why there are so many cool, fun or scary dog Halloween costume ideas to choose from!

Whether you choose to go with a store bought costume or a homemade dog Halloween costume, there are always a ton of great ideas like the above modern Yoga dog Halloween costume or the  traditional pumpkin costume...either way your pooch is going to look very cool!

The above Hippie costume shows it does not have to be very expensive or difficult to make a costume at home.  All you need is a little creativity, a bit of time and often there is not much skill required in putting together a fantastic Halloween dog costume for your pooch!

Large dog Halloween costumes are also popular as you can see below with this very creative costume idea!

Whether your pooch will be staying at home on Halloween while you hand out treats or joining your family while out trick or treating, you can dress him up in a great dog Halloween costume.

It doesn't matter the size of your pal as there are many small dog Halloween costumes as well as big dog Halloween costumes to choose from.

Check out this cool picture of a Hot Dog Halloween costume which is a perfect fit for this little guy!!

 Dog Halloween Costume Ideas:

* Get a bandana (red shows up good) to tie around your dog's neck and perhaps a denim or leather-look vest and you have a cowboy/girl costume.

* Buy some red devils horns and a red vest (or cape) and you have an easy devil costume.

* Get a black & white striped vest or cape and you will have a fun jailbird costume.

* Get a black leatherlike vest and some some ankle spike bracelets for your dog and you will have a great biker dog.

* For the girly girl... put on a crown and wrap a feather boa around her for a princess costume.

* Even just get an orange bandana or one with Halloween designs on it to create a great Halloween dog.

* A lion mane to put on your dog's head (you can find this in a store or online store).

* Something with a cape or vest is easy for your dog to wear such as a superhero costume like batman, superman, or wonderwoman.

Check out the below photo of an absolutely fantastic dog Halloween costume idea! 

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