Dog Travel Products Make Travelling With Your Dog Convenient and Safe!

Dog travel products keep your dog comfortable and safe whether you are travelling in your vehicle or airplane and whether it is a short or a long distance trip!

Bringing your dog along on trips is a much more common occurrence nowadays as there are many great products to choose from that will help your trips go smoothly.

So, check out some of these must-have items along with some thoughts on making these choices and some handy tips on travelling with your dog!

How To Choose The Best Dog Travel Products

1. Keep in mind that if you are going to do some airline travel with your dog then you are required to have an airline approved dog travel crate.

Check the airline that you will be travelling with for their rules and regulations to make sure your dog travel crate or dog travel carrier meets their requirements before you arrive at the airport with your dog.

2. Consider how much space you have to accommodate your dog’s travel items during travel or when you reach your destination. For example, you may want to consider items that are collapsible and fold flat for easy storage (travel dog bowl, dog travel crate).

3. Choose products for your dog that are functional and durable… not just stylish.

4. Choose items for your dog that are going to be comfortable and he will be a much happier traveller.

5. Make sure your dog is secure during travel for his own safety whether this means using a dog travel crate, dog travel harness or a dog car seat (dog booster seat).

* Dog Travel Crate

If travelling by airplane then make sure to check with that particular airline for the rules and regulations regarding dog travel crates.

Following are the types of dog travel crates available...

* Soft-Sided Crate

* Hard Plastic Crate

* Steel Wire Crate

Each type of crate has their own pros and cons so for more information to compare each one, please see my Dog Travel Crate page.

*Dog Travel Carriers

These can be used for airline travel with your dog on some airlines that allow dogs to travel in the cabin area of the airplane.

Make sure it is the appropriate size to be stowed in the cabin area and also needs to fit through the security check in the airport.

* Dog Travel Harness

This dog travel product provides protection for your dog while travelling in a vehicle as it secures him/her to one place.

This product also provides protection for you and your family as it keeps your dog from flying across the vehicle if you were ever in an accident which could injure your dog or you and your family.

These harnesses are available for small, medium and large dogs.

Some travel harnesses are in the form of a safety harness vest which works by locking into your seat belt receptor and is made of durable material for added safety.

* Dog Travel Accessories

1. A handy item for chilly weather or an older dog with aches and pains is a separate heating pad that can be warmed up in the microwave before you set out on your trip for added comfort or relief from those aching joints.

2. If your dog is a regular rider in your automobile then a useful dog travel product is a dog car seat cover which is used to keep your vehicle’s seat free from mud, dog hair, scratches or rips from your dog. Some covers are made out of water resistant material for added protection.

3. Dog cargo liners protect the cargo area in your vehicle against dirt, scratches or dog hair.

* Travel Dog Bowl (or Dog Travel Water Bowl)

Metal bowls (stainless steel) are suitable as your bowl of choice as a dog travel product as they are:

* Durable (will not chip or cannot be chewed through)

* Hygienic

* Lightweight

* Come in a variety of sizes

Collapsible bowls are ideal dog travel products as they:

* use minimal space to store as they collapse

* are lightweight

* are made of durable fabrics such as: plastic, nylon, canvas and other synthetic materials

Plastic bowls also have qualities that are serve well as a travel bowl:

* lightweight

* usually the cheapest option

* come in a variety of colors and designs

* Dog Travel Beds

There is a wide selection of dog travel beds to make your pal comfy and cozy during his trip whether he is on the seat in your vehicle, in the cargo area of your vehicle or in his dog travel crate or dog travel carrier.

You will want to make sure you choose a dog travel bed that has a machine washable cover, is water resistant and is made of a durable material that is not going to rip easily.

There are some beds that can roll up like a sleeping bag and come with their own carry bag so they are easy to carry and store.

Choosing The Best Dog Travel Bed For Your Pooch

1. Dogs generally like to curl up and be cozy so small, soft cushion-like beds offer them the luxury dog travel bed they will be sure to love!

These cozy cushion beds are easy to travel with as they are lightweight and fit easily in your vehicle or your dog travel crate. They often come with a machine washable cover and therefore make excellent dog travel products.

These cushion-like beds come in a variety of materials, colors, designs and of course, sizes to suit every dog!

2. Cot style dog beds are great to bring along on trips as they fold up for easy storage and often have a carry bag for easy transport. This style of bed keeps your dog cooler during the warm weather as they have good air flow and warmer in the cool weather as they are not directly on the cold floor.

3. There are also durable flat mats that are used as travel beds that can easily fold up flat for storage that doesn't take much room. These work well in the bottom of a Steel Wire Crate or in the cargo area of your vehicle for added comfort.

* Dog Car Seat (or Dog Booster Seat)

Including a dog car seat (or dog booster seat) as one of your dog travel products has a number of benefits:

❇ It keeps your dog securely fastened and provides added safety for your dog and anyone riding in your vehicle in case of sudden stops or an accident.

❇ Allows your dog to ride higher up so she/he can see outside.

❇ A dog car seat keeps your dog from sliding around on the vehicle seat during stopping, starting and turning.

❇ These seats are somewhat like a cozy box that is secured to the seat in your vehicle for added safety for you and your dog.

❇ These car seats are available for small to large dogs.

❇ Some of these seats come with pull out storage trays or a rack to hold a water bowl and a food bowl.

* Dog Travel Barrier

You can install a dog travel barrier to keep your dog secure in the cargo area of your vehicle. Along with a comfortable dog travel bed, your dog will be as happy as can be!

These barriers come in a couple different styles:

Mesh barrier

Metal Tube barrier

❇ This barrier stops your dog from roaming around your vehicle while you need to concentrate on driving and not be distracted by your dog.

❇ This dog travel product is also a safety product for your dog so he will not get thrown across your vehicle in case of sudden stops or an accident.

❇ This barrier also works well if your purpose is to keep your dog in one area if he is muddy or wet.

Tips For Travelling With Your Dog

1. Make sure your dog has the required vaccinations if you are travelling to another country and bring the vaccination records for proof.

2. If travelling by air then make sure you check with the airline you will be travelling with for all their dog air travel rules and regulations.

3. If travelling by vehicle, make sure to never let your dog out without his leash on as he could run into traffic or easily get lost because of unfamiliar territory.

4. Remember to stop for bathroom and walk breaks for your dog if you will be travelling a long distance. (Don’t forget to bring along those disposable bags for cleaning up after your pooch!)

5. It is important to bring a snack and water for your dog to stop and eat along the way. (Make sure to pack this dog food and water so it is easily accessible.)

6. Bring a few first aid supplies for your dog in case you need them. Some anti-septic, tweezers, anti-nausea medicine are just a few suggestions.

7. Be sure to have a dog name tag attached to your dog’s collar with information on how to contact you should your dog get lost.

8. Also, bring a photo of your dog should he get lost during your trip.

So, if your goal is to do some dog friendly travel with your four-legged friend then take the time to choose the perfect dog travel products to make all your trips a success!

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