A Dog Travel Crate Has Multiple Uses!

A dog travel crate gives your puppy or dog a place which makes him feel safe and cozy plus gives him his own space to relax and call his own.

A crate also keeps your dog secure while travelling which keeps your family and your dog safer as he/she will not go flying across your vehicle in case of an accident or even braking suddenly which could cause injury to your furry friend.

Crates are also a requirement during dog air travel and it keeps them safe and secure during the flight.

How To Choose The Best Dog Travel Crate

Multiple Uses For A Dog Travel Crate:

* A dog travel crate is essential for air travel plus works well for travelling by vehicle too.

* It can be used to keep your dog secured in while you are away from home for periods of time throughout the day.

* Your puppy or dog can sleep in his/her crate at night (at least until you are done house training your puppy or longer if you like).

* Another handy use of your dog crate is for crate training which is an effective method of potty training your puppy.

Some Things To Consider When Choosing A Dog Travel Crate:

* Will this crate will be used mostly for travelling or will it be used mostly for crate training or to keep your dog in while you are out of your home during the day and to sleep in at night.

* Make sure your dog fits comfortably inside with enough room to stand up and be able to turn around and lie down.

* Make sure it fits easily into your vehicle...even if this will only be to take youir dog to the vet.

* If it is going to be used for dog air travel then make sure it meets the requirements of the airline you will be travelling on. (Most hard plastic crates are approved by most airlines but be sure to check with the airline before travelling.)

* Decide whether you want your dog to have some privacy from the outside world or whether your dog would prefer to be more in contact with the outside world and have a better view of what’s going on around him.

Types Of Dog Travel Crates:

Soft Sided Crate

* is made of a durable fabric that covers a metal frame

* is the most lightweight crate and therefore easy to carry

* can be folded for easy storage

* has a zipper opening

* is not leak-proof so you may want to purchase a metal floor pan

* can be wiped down with a damp cloth

* has a padded base for your dog's comfort

* gives your pet privacy as it is not completely open to the outside world

* not going to work well if your dog tries to chew or claw to get out of it

* not as strong or sturdy as other crates for travel so better for use at home

* comes in a variety of sizes and colors

Hard Plastic Crate

* is fairly lightweight and easy to carry

* easy to wipe clean inside and out

* gives your pet privacy as it is not completely open to the outside world

* can fit a dog bed inside for added comfort

* are approved by most airlines for travel (but check with the airline you are travelling with for their requirements before you leave on your trip)

* this crate is leak-proof

* these do not fold up for easy storage

* come in a variety of sizes and colors

Steel Wire Crate

* very durable and strong

* heavier than the other types of crates (however if you have a wire crate made of aluminum then it will be quite light-weight and easy to carry)

* some models can be folded flat for easy storage

* easy to wipe clean

* allows your pet to see out really well but does not give your pet privacy unless you cover it with a blanket or crate cover (be sure to leave some area uncovered for air flow)

* can fit a dog bed inside for added comfort as the floor is not comfortable

* is not leak-proof as the bottom allows food and water to fall out so you may want to purchase a metal floor pan

* some models have a barrier that you can move to contain your dog in a smaller area for potty training your puppy

There are also some great dog travel products to go along with your crate...

* One handy item for chilly weather or for an older dog is a separate heating pad that can be warmed up in the microwave before you set out on your trip to give your dog added warmth and comfort or relief from those aching joints.

* As mentioned above, there are some dog travel beds to place inside your crate to keep your dog cozy and comfortable on long trips.

* There are also covers and pads available for steel wire crates to make them more comfortable and to give your dog some privacy during the day or to make it more cozy or dark for sleeping.

* You could also add a spill-proof water bottle or spill-proof water bowl for your dog to have inside his/her crate.

Another option when bringing your dog along is a dog travel bag or carrier (see my website page for more details on these).

Also, be sure to check out my web page Dog Travel Products for other great items to make travelling with your dog safe, easy and fun!

Choosing the best dog travel crate for your dog is the best way to make sure you are going to do some dog friendly travel with your four-legged friend. Your dog needs to be comfortable and safe for an enjoyable trip for everyone!

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