Dog Name Tags Are Important To Have Should Your Dog Get Lost!

Dog name tags are one of the small dog supplies that you should never be without!

Why is that? A dog tag with the right information will get your dog promptly returned to you should he get lost.

They come in a variety of colors, shapes and designs to suit every taste from dog bone shapes to stars and hearts and they are easy to attach to your dog's collar.

These tags are made out of a variety of materials to choose from:

Stainless Steel

- is a very hard, durable metal which you can have your dog's information engraved onto. Stainless steel will not rust and is very hard to break.


- is a softer type of metal and therefore not as durable as it will tarnish, the engraving will eventually wear down and the color could rub off on your dog's fur.


- is also durable as it will not rust and will not break easily if you get the harder plastic. Plastic is also lightweight and will not make noise when it hits the collar like the metal name tags will do. Plastic can also have youdog's information engraved onto it.

Electronic dog tags are also available and are generally waterproof to keep them working no matter the weather or circumstances.

You can also get larger tags that are more visible if your furry sidekick is a particularly large dog breed.

Another great idea is slide on or rivet on dog collar name plates. These are basically a part of your dog's collar.

It is important to have the following information included on your dog name tag so that if someone finds your dog they can return him to you:

* your dog's name

* your phone #

* your dog's registration # or license #

If you have room, you can include some of the following information as well:

* an alternate phone # (such as a cellular #)

* your home address

* the name of your veterinarian

Most dog name tags can include about 3 - 5 lines of information.

You can apply for a dog license or register your dog at a number of different locations. Check your local town or city administration office, your local SPCA or sometimes your local pet store.

When you are issued a dog registration # or dog license #, they generally come with a dog tag including your new registration # or license #.

However, you will need an additional tag that has the contact information listed above or keep it simple with just one tag listing the contact information along with your dog's license # or registration # in case he is lost.

Dog name tags allow your dog to be returned safely home should he get lost as they provide the information link to you that is needed.

So please don't delay this very important step in dog ownership!

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