Dog Flea Products Protect Your
Dog Against Health Issues
Caused By Fleas

Dog flea products are an important part of taking care of your furry friend! Not only do you NOT want fleas in your home but they can cause health issues for your dog.

Tips and Info About Fleas and Flea Products

* Flea bites can cause mild to severe skin irritation depending on how sensitive your dog's skin is. (A mild reaction would be some itchiness and a severe reaction would be intense itchiness which could lead to baldness plus inflammation throughout their whole body.)

* Fleas live off a dog's blood which can cause anemia and eventually death if left untreated.

* Spring and summer are the strongest flea seasons that you need to guard against.

* Fleas can survive in a variety of environments and therefore are not easy to get rid of.

* Fleas multiply quickly which makes it more difficult to get rid of them once your dog is flea infested. (If your dog has fleas this can also lead to flea infestation in your home which again is not something that is easily conquered.)

* There are a wide variety of dog flea products on the market which makes it difficult for dog owners to know which one is best for your dog as these products are not all the same.

* Some products are stronger than others and each product kills fleas that are in different stages such as whether you are trying to kill the eggs, the larvae or the adults.

* You may need more than one product at a time to rid your dog of these pests in their different stages but always read the product information to make sure it can be used at the same time as another product.

* One important thing to note is that flea products are NOT recommended for puppies under a certain age. You can ask you vet at what age your puppy is allowed to use some sort of flea product.**

Types of Dog Flea Products

* Topical Flea Products

This is the most common form of treatment chosen by dog owners. It is a small tube of liquid insecticide that is topically absorbed. It comes in a variety of brands at stores where they sell dog care products.

* Flea Collar

A flea collar should not be worn during a bath or during swimming so make sure you remove the collar before these activities and replace it on your dog afterwards. A flea collar repels fleas in the area of the collar but does not really protect the rest of your dog's body from fleas.

* Flea Shampoo

This shampoo is to be used with water, however, too much water can wash away some of the chemical that you need. Flea shampoos are only effective for short periods of time like one day at the most so it is important to keep your dog dry after using it to maximize its effect.

* Flea Powder

Flea powder is a product that is effective for short periods of time and is easily rinsed away by water. So either give your dog a bath prior to application or do not give your dog a bath for a period of time after the application and keep him away from other water also. Read the product information to find out approximately how long you should wait to give your dog a bath after applying the product.

* Flea Spray

This product can kill fleas for up to two months. It is a good idea to give your dog a bath prior to using this spray. If you plan on giving your dog a bath after applying this flea spray then you need to make sure to read the product directions as to how long you will need to let the spray dry completely before bathing.

* Oral Insecticide (tablet or liquid)

This product comes in either liquid or tablet form and is given to your dog once every few days or twice a week. You made need to use this treatment for several weeks depending on the level of infestation. This product is generally available through your veterinarian and some pet stores may carry it.

* Oral Insect Growth Regulator

This product should be given to your dog once a month with a full meal. This treatment stops the fleas from reproducing. When the flea bites your dog it will ingest some of this product which deposits into the fleas eggs and stops the eggs from fully developing and therefore, they will not keep multiplying. This type of treatment can only be purchased from your dog's vet.

How To Choose Dog Flea Products

1. Dog flea products vary in price range. The more parasites the flea product provides protection against the more expensive it is.

However, with one of these more expensive products you may only need one product to prevent or rid your dog from getting fleas. The other option is to use less expensive products but you may need more than one to provide all the protection your dog requires.

2. You need to consider what other parasites live in your area other than just fleas that you will want to protect your dog from such as ticks, mosquitoes, heartworms and more.

3. Another consideration when choosing a dog flea product is how long the protection lasts. This varies from product to product so make sure you read the details before purchasing.

4. Most flea products are available without a prescription from your veterinarian, however, there are some that you need to have your veterinarian prescribe for your pet.

5. You may want to ask your veterinarian which product he/she recommends or someone who is product knowledgeable in your local pet supplies store.

6. It is sometimes recommended that you don't continually use the same dog flea product year after year as the fleas could become partially immune to a specific product after a period of time.

Dog flea products are available in a variety of forms and perform a variety of jobs. Some prevent fleas and others work on ridding your dog of fleas. These products are an absolute must if you want to protect your dog against the health issues caused by fleas.

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