Dog Dental Products Protect Against The Most Common
Dog Health Problem!

Dog Dental Products are the best way to avoid the most common health problem in dogs which is dental disease.

Canine dental care should be a priority in order to avoid such dental diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease can lead to other serious health issues as well as the dreaded “dog breath” so using dog dental products is more important than most people realize.

Bacteria from dental disease can get into your dog’s bloodstream causing damage to major organs.Taking care of your dog’s teeth and gums is worth the time and effort.

**If you start from the time your dog is a pup then he will be comfortable with having his teeth and gums cleaned if you keep it consistent.**

Using one or more of the following dog dental products will help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy and disease free:

A great product I was recommended in my local pet store was a pepper-like product made up mostly of dried seaweed and iodine which helps rid your pet of tartar and plaque on their teeth therefore reducing or eliminating the dreaded "dog breath" from your pal.  It does not have any artificial ingredients and it made up only of natural products and therefore is not harmful to your dog.  

You simply sprinkle it once a day into your dog's food.

Dog Toothbrushes

Dog toothbrushes are the most common dog dental products available for dogs and should be used a few times a week or even better, on a daily basis if you want to avoid:

* gum disease

* tooth decay

* chronic bad breath

There are a few different styles to choose from but they will all do the job so just choose one you think will be comfortable to use and will be comfortable for your dog.

How To Choose The Best
Dog Toothbrush

1. Choose the style of brush you want to use as there are several different styles…

*a basic toothbrush with an angle that is a bit different than a human toothbrush

*a double ended dog toothbrush

*a finger cot dog toothbrush (which fits onto your finger and has bristles to brush your dog’s teeth)

2. You will need to decide on what size of toothbrush you want to use depending on the size of your dog’s mouth. (If you have a small dog then it may be difficult to fit your hand in his mouth to use a finger cot toothbrush so this will work better for a large dog.)

3. Choose a toothbrush that you feel will be easy and comfortable to use or you may not keep up the regular brushing if it is uncomfortable or awkward.

4. Choose a dog toothbrush that is easy to keep clean.

5. The toothbrush you select should be effective at cleaning or else it will be a complete waste of time.

Dog Toothpaste

*Your dog enjoying the taste of his toothpaste is the key to successful brushing of your dog’s teeth.

*Dog toothpaste is available in special flavours for dogs such as:


* beef


*citrus or baking soda (are not generally loved by dogs and therefore they will not want to have you brush their teeth)

*other flavours

*Never use human toothpaste for your dog as they should not be swallowing it. Dog toothpaste is made so they are allowed to swallow it without any harm to them.

*Dogs usually do not like the taste of human toothpaste and therefore it will make it more difficult to brush his teeth.

*You may want to buy a small toothpaste the first time in case your dog does not like that particular flavor.

Dog Dental Mouth Wash

*this special dental wash can be added daily to your dog’s drinking water to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean.

*it kills bacteria in your dog’s mouth and fights plaque build up.

*this is one of the easiest dog dental products to use to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

Dog Dental Wipes

*these wipes can be used to wipe off your dog’s teeth on a daily basis to help reduce plaque build up on your dog’s teeth.

*make sure your dog does not accidentally swallow the wipe and choke.

Dog Dental Gel

*this can be rubbed on your dog’s teeth and gums to help keep his gums and teeth clean

*this gel is available in a variety of flavours your dog will enjoy

*applying this gel at night for overnight protection is one of the most ideal times to apply this as your dog won’t be eating or drinking for a number of hours afterward.

Dog Chew Toys

Many dog chew toys are considered dog dental products. There are a number of chew toys that can benefit your dog’s dental health as they are designed to scrape plaque from your dog’s teeth while chewing.

Some of the best dog chew toys are:

Rope Chew Toys– work well to clean your dog’s teeth as the rope rubs and cleans his teeth while he chews on it.

Polyphosphate Coated Chew Toys – these chew toys are coated in polyphosphate which is a chemical coating that helps to weaken and get rid of the calcium on your dog’s teeth which helps prevent plaque from turning into tartar.

Dental Treats

*There are special dog treats for your dog to chew on that help remove plaque from your dog’s teeth while they are chewing.

* Dental bones and dental biscuits are dog treats that help fight dental disease as they help clean your dog’s teeth while eating them.

Crunchy treats scrape away plaque on your dog’s teeth as they chew them. (Avoid chewy treats as these stick to your dog’s teeth and cause plaque build up.)

*Choose treats that take a while to chew as they have more time to clean off your dog’s teeth this way.

*There is also the option of dog treats that are made with natural ingredients.

Rawhide Chews– made of tanned skins of cows or horses. These are very durable and have rough services that clean your dog’s teeth as they chew.

Dental Chew Bones – encourage your dog to do some chewing. These bones are safe as they won’t splinter and cause your dog to choke or swallow bone splinters.

Real Bones– also work well but need to be large bones that are not going to splinter causing your dog to choke or swallow small splinters. (Always keep watch on your dog when he is given a real bone to make sure there are not splinters breaking off.)

How To Brush Dog’s Teeth

1. If possible, start this process from the time your dog is a puppy so he will be used to it.

2. Before you start brushing, let your dog smell the toothpaste on the toothbrush and even taste it if he wants to. (Very important that your dog enjoy the flavor)

3. Give your dog lots of praise each time he does something good which brings you one step closer to brushing his teeth.

4. Have the leash on your dog and secure it to something that will hold him in place but not completely tight.

5. Gently hold your dog’s head steady and push his lips back while calmly and gently talking to your dog. (It may take a few tries for him to be comfortable with this.)

6. Gently touch his gums and teeth to get him comfortable with you doing this and keep talking and praising him. Keep stopping if he becomes very agitated and perhaps give him a treat then try again.

7. You don’t even have to actually brush the first few times as you simply need to slowly get him used to you touching his teeth and gums before you actually start cleaning them. (Keep this up for a few minutes each day until his grows comfortable and relaxed.)

8. Don’t expect to brush all of his teeth the first time you start brushing. Do a few teeth the first time and a few more the next time until you are finally doing the full mouth each time.9. Never pin your dog down and force his mouth open to brush his teeth as you want it to be a positive and non-threatening experience for your dog.

Dog dental products are a small investment to keep your dog healthier and to help you avoid those costly veterinarian bills due to serious health issues caused by dental disease.

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