A Dog Christmas Stocking Is A Fun Way To Include Your Dog In The Festive Fun!

A dog Christmas stocking is fun to buy, make or decorate and fill up with all kinds of Christmas dog treats! Our dogs are such a part of the family that it is fun to include them in the Christmas celebration.

You can spend as much or as little as you want on a stocking for your dog and all the fun and useful items you fill it with such as a Christmas dog collar or some new toys.

There are so many styles to choose from… ranging from fun and funky to traditional Christmas styles. Another great idea is to buy a personalized dog Christmas stocking or decorate one with your dog’s very own name on the stocking.

Filling up your dog’s stocking does not have to be that expensive as there are tons of items that can even be purchased at one of those stores where everything only costs a dollar or two.

You can even purchase dog Christmas stockings that are already filled with toys and Christmas dog treats so that you don’t have to fill it yourself and then you can get something different next year. (Make sure to check the ingredients of any food treats if your dog has any food allergies.)

How to Decorate A Christmas Stocking For Your Dog

Purchase a plain Christmas stocking and decorate it to make it your dog’s very own special Christmas stocking. Choosing one or more of the following decorating ideas will help you make a great stocking for your dog.

* Either by sewing or using fabric glue (or a hot glue gun used for crafting) you can attach your dog’s name to the stocking using either fabric letters (or even some fun foam letters).

* You could also use glitter glue to print your dog’s name on the stocking.

* You can attach some festive decoration shapes such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa hats, snowmen or dog related shapes such as bones or paw prints to the stocking.

* Another idea is to attach a picture of your dog to the front of the stocking with a foam or scrapbooking paper frame around the picture.

* Instead of a picture of your dog you could attach an animated dog or puppy wearing a Santa hat.

* Sewing on some jingle bells is another fun idea.

* Attach a bow (or bows) or some holly will give your stocking a festive flair too.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Dog

* squeaky dog toys

* food treats

* tennis balls (small ones for small dogs)

* plush squeaky toys

* Christmas dog collar

* Christmas dog leash

* Christmas dog treats

* rope toys

* plastic dog toy that you can put treats inside

* a cozy winter or Christmas dog sweater or vest

* a Christmas themed soft blanket (for your dog’s bed or kennel)

A dog Christmas stocking is simply a great way to include your dog in the Christmas fun and does not have to be that expensive!

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