Dog Brushes are Essential Items to Keep the Coat and Skin Healthy!

Deciding which dog brushes to choose depends on whether your dog has a short, medium or long coat.

The length of your dog's coat will also determine the amount of brushing you will need to do to keep his coat from becoming matted. All dogs should be brushed a minimum of twice a week and even daily for some dogs.

Brushing your dog helps to keep him healthy as brushing distributes the oils from your dog's skin to give your dog a healthier coat and cleaner skin.

Brushing is also an opportunity for bonding with your dog so be gentle when brushing as you don't want it to hurt your dog. This should be a positive experience for your dog or he is not going to want to do it again.

There are a number of different types of dog brushes to choose from...

Dog Slicker Brush

- is made of many short, thin, stiff wires

- works well on almost all dog breeds and is the most commonly used dog brush for long coats

- is probably your best option to get out tough tangles or matted areas of the coat

- works well if your dog is a shedding breed where large amounts of fur may come out at a time

- regular use of this brush can help to minimize the shedding from long coat breeds

Bristle Dog Brush

- works well as a daily dog grooming brush on short coated dogs but does not work well on dogs with long coats unless you are simply using it as a finishing brush

- also works well on short coated dogs because it has softer bristles that will not hurt your dog's skin under his short coat

Rubber Dog Brush

- may not penetrate deep enough on some thick coats and therefore would only be effective in removing loose hair and debris on the top coat of these dogs

Pin Brush

- comes either with or without rubber tipped prongs

- is a great dog grooming brush for dogs with curly or wiry coats

- this dog brush works well for minor tangles or to remove loose or dead hair on medium to long length dog coats

Glove Brush

- has short rubber teeth on the palm which feels like you are simply petting your dog

- only works well on dogs with a short coat or a quick job to brush off any loose hairs and debris close to the surface on medium to long dog coats

Combo Brush

- has pins on one side for grooming the undercoat of your dog and the other side is a bristle dog brush

- can be used to groom a short length coat or the top coat of a medium to long length coat

Undercoat Rake

- it looks like a rake with only one row of metal prongs

- removes dead fur from your dog's undercoat

- is excellent for grooming dog breeds who shed

Matting Rake

- is similiar to an undercoat rake except smaller

- this is specifically for removing mats from your dog's coat

A dog detangler spray is helpful when you are trying to get out any tangles or matted areas in your dog's coat so this is a handy item to have on hand.

Dog combs are also very helpful in the dog grooming process and should be considered an essential item to include in your dog grooming tools.

Try to get a comb that has rounded tips to avoid hurting or scratching your dog's skin. If your dog does get scratched from the combing then make sure to use an anti-septic on the scratched area to avoid getting an infection.Following are some types of dog combs to help in the grooming of your dog:

Metal Comb

- should have widely spaced teeth on one end and narrowly spaced teeth on the other end

- this dog comb will work well for any type of dog coat

Dematting Comb

- is used to remove tangles and matted fur from your dog's coat

- has sharp, wide teeth which can easily damage your dog's skin if you are not careful so be gentle when trying to remove the tangles or matted areas

Flea Comb

- has very finely spaced teeth for combing out fleas and their eggs

- this needs to be cleaned in soapy water after each run through so you don't return the fleas or eggs to your dog's coat each time

Rubber Curry Comb

- is great for using on short coated dogs to remove dead or loose hair

- is a great massage for your dog's skin

It is important to keep up a regular dog grooming schedule as the coat may become matted if not brushed regularly. The matted area will need to be cut off if it cannot be removed by a dog grooming brush.

Dog brushes have a key role in keeping your dog's coat and skin healthy plus are part of the bonding process with your dog. So, taking the time to choose the best dog brush for your dog is important.

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