Dog Bath Tubs Simply Make It Easier!

Dog bath tubs make the whole process of dog baths much more hassle free so take the time to find out your bath tub options that will help you choose the best bath tub for you and your pooch.

How To Choose A Dog Bath Tub

1. First you need to choose one that is the appropriate size and weight for your dog. (You will need a sturdy bath tub if you have a large dog.)

2. A storage rack or caddy attached to the dog grooming bath is a useful feature for keeping your shampoo and other items within easy reach during the bath.

3. Your dog should be able to stand in the tub with enough space around him so that you have enough room to wash him.

4. The tub you choose should be high enough so that you are not splashing lots of water outside of the tub.

5. The bath tub should also have an anti-slip surface so your dog is not slipping and sliding around as he needs to feel secure.

6. Another great feature is a tub that has leash hooks and sometimes comes with a short leash too so you can keep your dog from escaping while you are bathing him. (It is important to make sure the leash you are using is quite short so your dog cannot try to jump out with a longer leash and hurt or strangle himself.)

7. Hand-held shower heads are available with some tubs which make rinsing easier than rinsing with a container. They connect to a faucet or outdoor hose.

8. If you are choosing a tall tub for a large dog then make sure there is an opening of some kind for your dog to get in and out of. Many dog bath tubs are made with an opening at one end, both ends or a with a door for your dog.

9. Another option to consider is purchasing a dog bath tub that comes with a ramp. If you have a small, lightweight dog then you don’t need to consider this but if you have a large dog that is too heavy to lift then this would be very convenient.

There are a number of different bath tubs to choose from that vary in size, features and price range so you should not have a problem finding something suitable.

Types of Dog Bath Tubs

1. Raised Dog Bath Tub

❇ is an ergonomically designed bath tub that is raised so you will not be straining your back by being bent over

❇ it has a non-slip surface so your dog will not be sliding around and therefore he will feel secure

❇ these tubs often have a storage caddy for shampoo or other supplies

❇ there are a variety to choose from online or in stores

2. Stainless Steel or Galvanized Bath Tubs

❇ can be found in most hardware or home improvement stores in various sizes to suit every dog

❇ you will need to place a rubber mat, anti-slip decals or a towel on the bottom to keep your dog from sliding around

❇ great for using outdoors in your yard or driveway (or in the garage or kitchen during the winter)

3. Dog Booster Bath

❇ lightweight, portable and works well indoors or outdoors as it is made from UV stabilized Poly Propylene with stainless steel components

❇ has a weight capacity of up to 175lbs

❇ has a 3 point adjustable leash restraint including an adjustable collar to keep your dog contained while bathing him

❇ Has a rubber, anti-slip mat so your dog is not sliding around during the bath

❇ Has a 5 foot hose to drain the water

❇ Has a storage caddy for shampoo and other supplies

❇ Has rubber grips on the bottom of the legs so it will not slide around

❇ Has a spray nozzle which has settings for water flow

4. Pup Tub

❇ is designed for puppies or small dogs and works for dogs up to 20lbs.

❇ will fit into your bathtub but keeps your dog contained to this small tub so your dog will not be

❇ has built in cups for holding the dog shampoo and other supplies

❇ has a drain plug that allows dog hair and other debris to stay in the tub and only releases the water

❇ has an anti-slip surface for your dog’s comfort

❇ includes tethers to keep your dog from escaping during bath time

Dog baths are a part of maintaining your dog's health so it is important to have some proper dog bath products and tips on how to give your dog a bath.

Another benefit of your dog having his very own bath tub is that you will not need to scour out the family tub or shower after each time you have your dog in a bath.

Dog bath tubs are made with specific things in mind to make giving your dog a bath much easier and a more positive experience for you and your dog so for this reason they are truly worth it!

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