Canine Insurance Has A Variety Of Coverage Options

Canine insurance is an option that needs careful consideration before making a decision about whether or not you want to purchase insurance and if so, what type of insurance coverage you would like to have. 

If you decide to purchase dog insurance coverage then the sooner the better as the younger your dog is then the lower your premium will generally be plus you do not want to wait until your dog has an accident or a pre-existing illness or condition before you purchase insurance coverage as they most likely will not be covered for those particular expenses or you will need to pay much more in premiums.

What Does Canine Insurance Cover?

Generally dog insurance will cover the following costs:

* medications

* supplements

* surgeries

* hospitalization

* diagnostic tests

* prosthetic devices

What Does Canine Insurance “Not” Cover?

Usually dog insurance does not cover the following routine costs:

* spaying or neutering

* parasite treatment

* cleaning & polishing of teeth

* routine examinations

* pre-existing injuries or illnesses that were discovered before coverage began

Can Breeding Dogs Get Insurance Coverage?

The answer is “yes they can”, however, these are generally a different plan than other dogs that are not breeding dogs.  Make sure you tell the insurance company about this so that you get the coverage that is right for your dog so that you can actually use it when or if it is needed.

Common Types of Canine Insurance Plans

These are just a few common examples of the types insurance plans you will find when you start your search for the best canine insurance for your pooch.

Standard Insurance Plan – this is the most common canine insurance that most people choose as you will pick a specific plan and pay a monthly or yearly insurance premium.  When you take your dog to the vet you will pay the bill then submit this to the insurance company and they will either pay a partial or full amount depending on your plan.  These plans generally cover specific costs without exceptions.

Customized Insurance Plan – while this is similar to the standard insurance plan, it allows you to choose customized levels of insurance coverage for your dog as well as the amount of the deductible that you are comfortable paying which will reflect what costs are included in your insurance coverage.


Accident Only Insurance Plan – this plan covers your dog in the case of an accident only, not an illness or preventative care treatments.  Keep in mind that this plan may cost close to the same amount as other plans that cover a wider variety of expenses.


Per Condition Insurance Plan – this plan reimburses you for a set amount of coverage for each condition.  There may also be a maximum time limit on each condition too.  This coverage would not work well for you if your dog develops a long-term illness.

Factors That May Determine
Your Premium Amount

Some factors that generally determine how much your canine insurance premium amount will be:

* Age of Your Dog

* Spayed or Neutered

* Pure Breed or Mixed Breed

* Indoor or Outdoor Dog

* Active or Inactive Dog

Questions You Should Ask Before
Purchasing Insurance Coverage

* What costs an insurance plan does & does not cover?

* What is the deductible amount you will have to pay before your insurance coverage starts?

* What are the premium amounts and are they paid monthly or yearly?

* Is there a discount if your dog is already spayed or neutered?

* Can you still use your current veterinarian?

* If you are on vacation, can you use any veterinarian or are there certain ones on a list to use?

Make sure you read all the fine print and get answers to all your questions before you sign an insurance policy contract as you will probably be charged a fee if you decide to change policies before the expiry date.

 It is a good idea to check with 2 or 3 insurance companies before deciding on a plan that is right for you as every company has different plans so you should be well informed before choosing one.

Canine insurance is a personal decision depending on whether you feel you would like to protect yourself by purchasing insurance for your dog or whether you are willing to take your chances with your dog’s health and not purchase dog insurance coverage.  Whatever you decide, make sure you are well informed with the details either way.  If you decide not to purchase insurance for your dog then it would be a good idea to put some money aside in case some sort of emergency comes up with your dog’s health.

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