Choose The Best Dog Shampoo
For Your Dog!

The best dog shampoo for your dog depends on your dog specifically as not every dog has the same type of coat or skin.

Dog shampoos are specially made for dog’s skin and should be the only shampoos you use on your dog as human shampoo will irritate your dog's skin by drying it out.

Human shampoo contains sulphate which removes the oils from our hair but dogs need the oils to keep their skin and coat healthy. Shampoo for dogs contains the appropriate amount of sulphate for dogs or does not contain sulphate at all.

Dog grooming shampoo should only be used once or twice a month when you have your dog in a bath.

How To Choose the
Best Dog Shampoo

1. First, determine whether your dog’s skin is dry, oily or normal… if you see flakes throughout his coat then it is dry, if his coat feels or looks oily then he has oily skin and if neither are there then he has normal skin.

2. If your dog has a coat that is prone to tangles then you may want to choose a moisturizing shampoo and perhaps follow up with a conditioner too as this really helps alleviate the tangles.

3. If your dog has allergies then you will want to choose a hypo-allergenic or unscented shampoo.

4. Another consideration is the age of your dog as a puppy may need a completely different shampoo than an older dog as their skin and coat will have changed over time.

5. If you have a puppy then you should choose a shampoo made specifically for puppies as it will be a gentle shampoo and they have tearless shampoos too. (Never use a Flea and Tick shampoo on your puppy unless advised to by your vet)

Best Dog Shampoo Tip:

If your dog has dry skin after using a particular shampoo then try using a different shampoo and perhaps a conditioner too. (You may want to ask for a new shampoo recommendation from your vet or your local pet supplies store.)

Dog Grooming Shampoo Types:

Puppy Shampoo

* these are made specifically with puppies in mind and are a more gentle shampoo and often tearless shampoo.

* never use a Flea & Tick shampoo on a puppy

* do not use shampoo on your puppy until he is 8 weeks old and it should be a gentle shampoo

Organic or Natural Dog Shampoo

* is made with natural ingredients which are very gentle on your dog’s skin and coat.

* Check the ingredients on the label and if you don’t know what most of them are then chances are that it is not a very “natural” shampoo.

* Some natural ingredients found in an all natural dog shampoo can be oatmeal, tea tree oil, or aloe.

Flea and Tick Shampoo

* this is the best dog shampoo for your dog if he has fleas or ticks in his coat or skin

* it is very important not to get any of this shampoo in your dog’s eyes or mouth. If some does get in then make sure to immediately rinse out thoroughly and perhaps call your vet

* never use this type of shampoo on a puppy unless recommended by your vet

Tearless Dog Shampoo

* is a gentle shampoo that will not irritate or sting your dog’s eyes if shampoo gets in them.

* works well on puppies

Dry Dog Shampoo (Waterless Dog Shampoo)

* this is the best dog shampoo if you are trying to avoid frequent dog baths

* you can apply it by either sprinkling it onto your dog’s coat and brush it through or another form of it is to spray it on and form a lather that you will need to wipe off with a towel. 

* this is not as thorough a cleaning as a regular dog bath but it prolongs the time in between baths.

Dog Whitening Shampoo

* contains ingredients that brighten a white coat and remove yellowing, dirt stains and urine stains.

Shed Control Shampoo

* is for dogs prone to lots of shedding and this may help to alleviate some of this excessive shedding.

Odor Removing Shampoo (Deodorizing Shampoo)

* works on removing excessive odors.

* is a great option for dogs that love to roll in smelly or dead debris.

Color Enhancing Dog Shampoo 

* choose a darkening shampoo that will darken your dog’s coat to get rid of the yellowing or graying areas.

Oatmeal-Based Dog Shampoo

* works well for dog’s that have dry skin or allergies as it calms the irritated skin.

Medicated Dog Shampoo

* work on a variety of different problems. Your dog may need this due to dry skin, allergies or relieving flea bites so make sure you get the correct one for your dog's particular skin problem.

Choosing the best dog shampoo for your dog is important to keep their skin and coat healthy so take the time to get some facts before making your choice. This may save you from having to deal with dog skin problems in the future which may need to involve your vet or purchasing medicated shampoo to heal any skin issues.

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