Dogs and Chocolate Are A Dangerous Combination!

Dogs and chocolate can lead to very bad results as chocolate is poisonous to dogs!  The darker the chocolate the more toxic it is to dogs.

With Halloween  soon to be here, it is very important to be aware of the dangers chocolate can bring to your dog and how easily they may accidentally eat some chocolate treats.  Make sure your whole family is aware that they need to keep chocolate away from your dog.

Puppies, older dogs and dogs with any sort of health condition are more at risk when eating chocolate than a healthy adult dog.

The smaller the dog the less chocolate it takes to be very toxic to them.

Why Is Chocolate Poisonous to Dogs?

* Chocolate is poisonous to dogs because it contains methylxanthines such as caffeine and theobromine. 

* Chocolate is poisonous to dogs because they digest theobromine much more slowly than people do. 

* Dogs can take hours to break theobromine down whereas humans may only take 20 to 40 minutes to do the same thing, therefore, dogs and chocolate are a bad combination.

Which Type of Chocolate Is Most
Toxic To Dogs?

* The darker the chocolate the more toxic it is to dogs as it contains a large amount of theobromine.

* Milk chocolate and white chocolate are not as toxic as the darker chocolate as they contain less theobromine.

*Dogs should not be allowed to eat any type of chocolate as they all can cause symptoms.

Chocolate Varies in Quantity
of Theobromine

***Any amount or type of chocolate will have a negative effect on your dog so they should never eat chocolate of any kind! ***

Chocolate High in Theobromine:

* Unsweetened Baking Chocolate                              

* Unsweetened Dry Cocoa Powder

* Dark Chocolates or Dark Chocolate Bars

Chocolate With Lower Amounts of Theobromine:

* Milk Chocolate

* White Chocolate

Symptoms To Watch For If Your
Dog Has Eaten Chocolate

If your dog has eaten chocolate then the amount and type of chocolate will affect the symptoms your dog will have.

The smaller the dog the smaller amount they need to eat to have a strong reaction.

Symptoms can range from:

* upset stomach

* vomiting

* diarrhea

* hyperactivity

* seizures

* tremors

* rapid breathing

* raised blood pressure

* raised body temperature

* may even cause your dog to collapse

 What Should You Do If Your Dog
Has Eaten Chocolate?

If you have discovered that your dog has eaten chocolate then you should either contact your vet or a pet poison helpline immediately and give them as many details as possible such as:

* what type of chocolate your dog ate

* how much chocolate your dog ate

* any signs of poisoning such as: vomiting, diarrhea or worse. 

The sooner your dog is treated the less your dog will suffer and the less expensive the treatment will be from your vet.

Treatments for Dogs Who
Have Eaten Chocolate

There are various treatments from your vet for a dog who has eaten chocolate.

Treatments range from:

* induce vomiting

* give activated charcoal several times

* anti-vomiting medication

* sedatives to calm your dog

* IV fluids to help flush out the theobromine more quickly

* heart medication to return heart rate to normal

* anti-convulsants to stop seizures

* medication to end the diarrhea

* other medications to lessen the symptoms or discomfort 

Dogs and Chocolate Summary

Dogs and chocolate are a bad combination so you need to be extremely careful that your dog never gets the opportunity to eat chocolate. Eating chocolate can have very negative results with your dog becoming mildly ill to extremely ill and in some cases it could even cause death, not to mention that your vet bill could become very expensive very quickly.